Sunday, February 28, 2016

New Music Session Looks Promising for the Cats Swing Band

The new music session for the Cats Swing Band began about four weeks ago.  Here are the songs we are studying this session:
  1. Duet (Count Basie)
  2. Fly Me to the Moon
  3. Bein' Green
  4. Blue Skies
  5. Almost Like Being in Love
  6. Bye Bye Blackbird
  7. All the Things You Are
  8. They Can't Take That Away From Me
  9. Four (Miles Davis)
Last Thursday our drummer and guitar player couldn't make it, and I was the only member of the rhythm section present.  I had to provide the beat for the band, and it turned out well for me.  I had compliments from the band leader and other members of the band.  This was encouraging.

I'll post some recordings once we have some polished enough to share.