Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Sleepwalk" Played on a Pedal Steel Guitar

The song embedded below is "Sleepwalk," one of the most popular pop instrumentals of the 1950's.  (It was popular in 1959.)

My brother "Bro" plays it on his steel guitar and does justice to the original by Santo & Johnny.  Click on the arrow to play.

Here's a picture of Bro with his steel guitar.  He isn't as mean as he looks.  He's meaner.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Multi-Channel Recordings for Use as Demos

Below are some recordings our band has made for demo purposes.  We'll post more when we get them.

The sound is best when played through decent speakers; if you are listening on small computer speaksers, use earphones instead.  I mean, if you can't hear the bass, is there any point? :)

Spooky - Bill Ulibarri

Rio de Janeiro Blue -- Lindsay Worrell

Memphis - Bill Ulibarri

Sounds of My String Bass