Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bro and Stogie Jam Out With "Black Magic Woman" (Video) -- Hear My New Jazz Bass!

Over the weekend I visited my older brother (Bro) in Fallon, Nevada. We jammed for two days straight! In a jam, you play many songs that you may not have played before. Bro and I haven't played music together for three and a half years, but had a great time and were pleased with the results. Because it's a jam, the renditions will not be as polished like they would be if previously rehearsed. That adds a bit of fun to the efforts, because improvization is required. In the vid below, Bro is playing a black Fender Stratocaster guitar, but you can't see it behind his keyboard. Too bad, it's a beautiful guitar -- but you can certainly hear it well. I am in the fedora playing my new Fender Jazz Bass. Have a listen.


Here's the guitar Bro is playing:

Black Fender Stratocaster


  1. That's very nice Stogie. Sounds good. I'm glad you're keep busy and keeping happy!

    1. Thanks Donald. Playing music is a great cure for depression and my older brother has always been upbeat and optimistic about life in general.