Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cleaning and Organizing My Music Room

Since I began a serious study program for double bass, I have been busy doing odd things.  Like cleaning up my music room.  Yesterday I began cleaning out my desk drawers of old junk:  obsolete computer programs, obsolete cables and computer accessories, old bills, correspondence and bank statements (these are shredded).  I am being ruthless in tossing stuff I no longer need or use.  Today I will continue, clearing out my book shelf and a chest of drawers, a closet clogged with junk, all to make more room for currently useful items.

Having a neat, organized practice space is conducive to good practice habits.

I took my three bass guitars off of their stands and put them into their cases, to protect them and make more room.

My two string basses sit on these big metal bass stands, similar to the smaller stands used for guitars.  The feet of these stands, where the bottom of the bass rests, are covered with foam rubber sleeves to protect the bass from scratches.  However, these foam rubber sleeves quickly wear out, developing holes and exposing the bass to scratches from the metal surfaces.  Yesterday, I removed the worn out rubber sleeves, and replaced them with clear plastic tubing from Ace Hardware.  The tubing protects the bass very well and will not easily wear out.

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