Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My First Vocal Efforts: "Scotch and Soda" and "All of Me"

I have been reading about learning to sing, and one of the first things you must do is lose your fear and your shyness. Let it all hang out, baby. Putting a recording of your own amateur singing voice on the web is like mooning a band of mad Apaches...with bows and arrows!

Nevertheless, here's my first effort, recorded after many unrecorded trial runs, using only my laptop's built in microphone to record it...but enough excuses, have a listen.

Here's "Scotch and Soda":

The balance isn't great -- my voice is too loud compared to the instrumentals.  I will work on getting a better balance.

Here's "All of Me":

My feeling is that it's a start, but only a start to build on.  I need better recording equipment and software.  My voice is too loud in these recordings and seems blaring and harsh.  I'd love to turn my own volume down a bit and add a touch of bass.    Anyone know of any good and not too expensive solutions to these problems?


  1. yeah come up here and i'll show you. I have all the programs needed. And your first effort isn't bad at all, you stay on key which is the main thing. But you need a decent microphone and plug in the mixer you have. It will soften and enhance the mix of instrumets and voice. I have an extra shure microphone you can have. come and get it. you have to work of technique is all. If you stay on keym and you do, the rest is technique

  2. you posted "all of me " twice and there is no better recording equipment that your desktop computer. They are putting recording studios out of business. you can lay down multiple tracks and there is no degradation of sound after each track. Elvis Presley didn't have as good recording equipment as a simple computer.

  3. Thanks Bro, I fixed the embeds. The top one is now "Scotch and Soda." I have a new Shure microphone, but I could use technical assistance on getting my computer set up for balanced and professional sounding recordings. I am planning to come down before the holiday season starts.